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Q: What is When you multiply a number by itself multiple times?
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When you multiply a number by itself multiple times it is called what?

multiplying a number by itself is a power 2^2=2 to the 2nd power 2^3=2 to the 3rd power

How do you raise a number to the power of 115?

You multiply the number by itself 115 times.

What is definition of adding a number to itself multiple times?


What tells how many times to multiply the base number by itself?

the exponent

What equals multiply 51?

When you multiple 17 by 3, you get 51. That is add 17 to itself for 3 times.

What is used to indicate multiplying a number by itself an certain number of times?

An exponent is used to indicate that a number is multiplied by itself a specified number of times. For example, to multiply 4 by itself 9 times, you would write 49.

How do you do cube numbers?

To square a number you multiply it by itself, to cube a number you then multiply itself twice! i.e. 3 times 3 is 9 and 9 times 3 is then 27 so 27 is 3 cubed

What does square mean in algebra?

it means to multiply the number by it self

If you square one number do you have to times that number by 2?

No, you multiply it by itself, eg 62 = 36

How do you calculate a power?

A number "to the power" of another number means to multiply the first number by itself however many times the second number is. Example: 43, 4 to the power of 3, means multiply 4 by itself 3 times: 4x4x4=64

How do you work with the third power?

You take a number and multiply it by itself three times.

What is 329313.6 to the third power?

Expressing a number to the "third power" means to multiply that number by itself three times. Multiply 329313.6 times 329313.6, and then multiply that answer by 329313.6. The resulting answer is the third power [329313.63].