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30.5 divided by pi, just over 9.7 inches.

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Q: What is a 30.5 inch circumference converted into Diameter?
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What is 305 centimeters converted into feet and inches?

Ten feet and 1/10 of an inch. A metre is just over 39.36 inches

How can i tell the difference between a Chevrolet 350Ci and a Chevrolet 305Ci 1986 in my C10 pickup?

the harmonic balancer on the 350 is about 10 inches in diameter compared to a 305 it has about 8 inch diameter on the harmonic balancer

Can 350 pistons be mixed with 305?

the pistons are the same diameter. no they are not the same diameter, the bore on a 305 is smaller than a 350

Will L2256 pistons fit a 305?

A 305 chevy engine has a bore diameter of 3.736". Check the diameter of your L2256 piston to see if it is that size.

How many types of starters are there for a 1983 305 Chevy engine?

Depends on what the 305 is in, a 305 camaro engine needs like a 9 tooth starter because the fly wheel is 12.75 inches in diameter with 50 some teeth. A 305 in a Chevy half ton will have like a ten tooth starter for the 14.25 inch diameter flywheel that has like 60 some teeth. All 305 engines before 1986 are the same they did have different flywheels for what ever Chevy put them in. 1986 and newer 305's had different cranks the flywheel bolts up different on a 1986 305 compared to a 1983 305.

What is the diameter of the Arecibo spherical reflector?

It is 305 meters or 1,001 feet in diameter.

What is a 305 motor?

G.M's 305 cubic inch V8 motor is a 5 liter

What is 305cm converted to feet?

305 centimeters is 10 feet.

Are 26 inch rims to big for a 305 engine?


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yes....simple job

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