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A collapsible crate is used for transporting things which would be hard to get out of a regular crate. A collapsible crate can be made flat by folding out all of the sides of the crate.

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Q: What is a collapsible crate used for?
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Uncrate, open, unpack. Here crate is used as a verb- "Please help me crate this statue for shipping."

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crate is a is a container used for storing and shipping...

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The types of material most commonly used for a collapsible cart is polyester non-woven, cotton and aluminum. You can purchase these carts online from retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba.

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A simple machine such as a pulley is used to make work easier. Erin used 50 newtons of force to lift a crate 3 meters. She then tied the crate to a pulley and used the pulley to lift the crate again.?


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A predicate nominative is a noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb. Crate is a noun, so it can be used as a predicate nominative. Example: That is a crate.

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