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Q: What is a combination of more than one inequality?
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How does an inequality symbol act differently than an equal symbol?

An inequality is not a reflexive relationship.

What inequality sign means more than?

I've always told myself the arrow is an alligator mouth that wants to eat more food, for example:(10 > 5) (5 < 10) (5 = 5)The first one is 10 is greater than 5.The second one is 5 is less than 10.The third one is 5 is equal to 5.The inequality sign that means "more than " is >.

What does inequality mean in math terms?

An inequality is similar to an equation, except that instead of an equal sign, it uses one of the following signs: * less-than * less-than-or-equal * greater-than * greater-than-or-equal

Is -5 a solution to this inequality x3?

"x3" is not an inequality. An inequality will have one of the following signs: less-than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than, greater-than-or-equal. for example: 3x - 5 &lt; 15

What is inequality in algebric equation?

An inequality is similar to an equation, in that it compares two expressions. But in an equality, instead of an equal sign, you would usually use one out of the following inequality symbols:* less than * less than or equal * greater than * greater than or equal

The solutions to a linear inequality are the points in the plane that make the inequality true?

Yes, and no. The solution set to an inequality are those points which satisfy the inequality. A linear inequality is one in which no variable has a power greater than 1. Only if there are two variables will the solution be points in a plane; if there are more than two variables then the solution set will be points in a higher space, for example the solution set to the linear inequality x + y + z &lt; 1 is a set of points in three dimensional space.

What operation gives the solution to the inequality 4x 12?

An inequality requires an inequality sign, usually "less than", "less-than-or-equal", "greater than", or "greater than or equal". Assuming one of these inequality signs is between the "4x" and the "12", for example: 4x &lt; 12, just divide both sides by 4. Just as when you solve equations, the idea is to isolate the variable on one side.

Which inequality has x0.8 as one of its solutions?

One possible inequality that has x = 0.8 as a solution is x ≤ 0.8. This means that any value of x that is less than or equal to 0.8 will satisfy the inequality.

Which numbers in the set 2345 are the solutions to the inequality 16 3x 5?

That's not an inequality; an inequality needs a "greater than" or a "less than" sign. Those must have gotten lost when you typed the title. Anyway, basically you are supposed to replace the numbers one by one in the inequality, do the calculations, and see whether the resulting statement is true or not.

How has gender division of labor caused inequality?

In most societies, the men traditionally assume the more important jobs. This leads to the men making more money than the women. And this financial disparity is one significant cause of the perceived inequality between the genders. --CM

What is a physical combination of more than one substance?

An equation or inequality that contains one or more variables is?

open sentence