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There is no equation - the answer is explicit in the name.

A pentagonal prism has pentagonal bases. A pentagon has 5 sides. It could not be simpler!

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Q: What is a equation for the number of side base does a pentagonal prism have?
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What shape is the base of an pentagonal prism?

The base of a pentagonal prism is a pentagon. Just like a square pyramid has a square for a base, a pentagonal prism has a pentagon for a base.

What is the base number of a pentagonal prism?


What method can you use to find the number of edges in a pentagonal prism?

A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges. A pentagonal prism has 15 edges.

How many sides on a pentagonal prism including the base?

The pentagonal prism has seven sides including the bases

What is a hexagonal prism's base called?

A hexagonal prism's base is called a hexagonal base. The names of prisms are given according to the shape of their bases. A hexagonal prism has a base that is shaped like a hexagon. Similarly, a pentagonal prism has a pentagonal base.

What is the name of the base of an pentagonal prism?


What is the name of the pentagonal prism base?

A Pentagon.

What is the volume for a pentagonal prism?

Area of Base x Height

How many vertices per base does a pentagonal prism have?


How many faces does a pentagonal prism have that are perpendicular to the base?


How many diagonals per vertex does a pentagonal prism have?

The number of diagonals per vertices can be found by taking n(number of sides) minus 3, or n-3. Thus a pentagonal prism will have 5 sides per base, making the formula 5-3=2. There are 2 diagonals per vertex in a pentagonal prism. Source: My math teacher

What is the name of the base when the prism has 15 edges?

A pentagonal prism would fit the given description