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Q: What is a fold or line in the skin called?
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Circular fold of skin is usually present at the entrance to this organ and is called what?

The circular fold of skin at the entrance to the vagina is called the hymen.

What is the fold of skin at the front of a turkey's neck called?

It is called a Wattle

What is that line below the butt called?

gluteal fold

What is the middle thing when you fold the paper in half?

When you fold a paper in half, the line that runs down the center is called the crease.

What is the layer of dead skin at the base of a nail called?

eponychium or cuticle, is the fold of skin at the proximal end of the nail.

when you can fold a shape on a line that line up with each other, the line is called what?

Is this a quiz? If so I think the answer is line of symmetry?

What is the medical term meaning the vertical fold of skin on either side of the nose?

The medical term for the vertical fold of skin on either side of the nose is "nasolabial fold."

How do you fold a cube?

you fold it where the dotted line is

What does the word foreskin mean?

The foreskin is a retractable fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. It is typically removed in a procedure called circumcision.

What is the meaning of 'epicanthic' in reference to someone with Down syndrome?

The "epicanthic fold" -- also called epicanthus -- is a fold of skin on the upper eyelid that partially covers the inner corner of the eye. Some people with Down syndrome manifest such a fold.

What kind skin do reptiles have?

Scales. Skin can only do 3 things: fold out into feathers fold inward to form hair get thicker to form scales

Where is the skin fold of a frog?

The skin fold of a frog is located on each side of the body, extending from the back of the eye to the hind legs. It is a distinct feature that helps frogs absorb water and oxygen through their skin.