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Q: What is a four sided shape with no lines of symmetry and opposite sides equal and parallel called?
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Are the opposite sides equal in a parallelogram?

Yes, each pair of two opposite sides is parallel and equal in length. This is necessary to achieve the symmetry of the angles.

What shape has 4 lines of symmetry 2 pairs of parallel sides all angles equal and opposite sides are equal?

a square

I have 2 pair of parallel sides. The opposite sides are equal in length. All of the angles are equal in size and there are 2 lines of symmetry. What am I?

A rectangle.

Does a trapezoid have 2 pair of opposite congruent angles?

Whether or not the opposing angles of a trapezoid (UK trapezium) are equal depends on the axis of symmetry. A trapezoid (trapezium) can be defined as a quadrilateral with one pair of opposite sides parallel. It is not a parallelogram because only one pair of sides is parallel. It is called a regular trapezoid if the sides that aren't parallel are equal in length and both angles coming from a parallel side are equal

I have 2 pairs of parallel sides. My opposite sides are equal in length. All my angles are equal in size. I have two lines of symmetry. What am I?

The answer is any rectangle that is not a square: such a rectangle has two lines of symmetry, whereas a square has four.

No lines of symmetry four sides opposites sides equal and parallel?

The shape has to be a parallelogram since it has no lines of symmetry and all sides are equal and parallel

What is a quadrilateral that has opposite sides equal and parallel called?

rectangle, square, rhombus

Are the opposite sides of a parellelogram parallel?

Yes. A parallelogram is defined as having opposite sides that are parallel and equal in length, and opposite angles that are equal.

Does a square have opposite sides that are parallel?

Yes. The opposite sides of a square are equal and parallel.

Do kites have congruent opposite angles?

Only the pair of angles opposite the line of symmetry are equal. The other two angles that are bisected by the line of symmetry are not equal. if these angles were equal then the shape would be a rhombus.

What shape has no parallel sides are equal in length angles are equal and has 5 lines of symmetry?


What kind of trapezoid is an isosceles?

An isosceles trapezoid is a 4 sided quadrilateral that has a pair of opposite parallel line of different lengths with equal base angles and 1 line of symmetry.