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A cubic graph!

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What is a graph of a cubic function called

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Q: What is a graph of a cubic function called?
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What is the graph of y equals x cubed called?

A cubic function.

The graph of a cubic is called a parabola?

No. Parabola and the cubic graph are definitely two different things.

What do you called to the graph of a cubic function?

hyperbola * * * * * A hyperbola is not a cubic function. A cubic function is of the form y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d where a, b, c and d are real constants and a is not 0. A hyperbola is a functon of the form y = 1/x : quite different.

What is the graph of a sine function called?

A sine graph!

What is the graph of a linear function?

the graph is called a line

What is a function called that has a graph which is a straight line?

A linear function

The function f(x) x3 is called the function?

The cubic function.

What is the graph of a linear function called?

A straight line.

A function whose graph is not a straight line?

LOTS- cubic - quadratics - reciprocal - hyperbola - trigonometric - and more

What do you call a function whose graph is a non-vertical line?

It is a function. If the graph contains at least two points on the same vertical line, then it is not a function. This is called the vertical line test.

Convertion from cubic meter to normal cubic meter?

This function is easily graphed, and the graph can be folded or inserted in the field notebook, and carried to the job site as a handy quick reference. To graph the convertion, mark off the ordinate axis in "cubic meters", and the abscissa in "normal cubic meters". Then draw the graph, as a straight line through the origin of coordinates and having a slope of 1.000 . The function is mathematically identical to the conversion between 'Hertz' and 'Cycles per Second'.

What is the highest point on a graph in the domain of the function called?


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