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A horizontal angle is an angle between lines on a horizontal plane.

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Q: What is a horizontal angle?
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What is horizontal as opposed to at an angle?

this is horizontal: ---------------------------- / / this is at an angle: / / /

The angle formed by a horizontal line?

The angle formed by a horizontal line is 180o.

Horizontal as opposed to at an angle?

Horizontal is an angle. Angles are reference measurements to another line or plane.

What is vertical and horizontal line?

horizontal lines are lines which may be at the angle of 00,1800,3600.if vertical lines stand on horizontal lines it is in the angle of 900

What is the angle between the ramp and the horizontal?

The angle of inclination.

What is a true bearing?

The bearing expressed as a horizontal angle between a geographic meridian and a line on the Earth; esp. a horizontal angle measured clockwise from true north

What is angle of Depression?

Angle of depression is the angle between a horizontal line and the line joining the observer's eye to some object beneath the horizontal line. ^_^

What is a vertical and opposite angle?


What is the angle of measurement below a horizontal line called?

angle of depression.

What angle does his velocity make with the horizontal.?

i dont no.

What is horizontal angle in golf?

The horizontal angle is executed with three angles considered. The clubhead path, face to path angle and face to target angle. All angels are teamed to follow through on target line.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal angle?

A vertical angle runs up and down or from top to bottom or vise versa. A horizontal angle runs from left to right or vice versa.

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