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Q: What is a large square or rectangular slab of paving called?
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What is a type of large square or rectangular slab of stone used for paving?

There are many materials that can come in different sizes like Granite, travertine, Porcelain and many more..

What do you call the huge bales of hay?

Large round bales, if they're round, or large square bales, if they are rectangular-shaped.

Real world example of a rectangle prymaid?

All the large pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, etc are all rectangular pyramids. All have a square or rectangular base and four triangular sides meeting at a point. ■

Are circuit boards installed in long narrow slots on the motherboard called expansion cards?

Yes they are... The motherboard is a large, square circuit board, containing lots of sockets. Expansion cards are rectangular circuit boards that slot into the sockets on the motherboard.

What style of dining chairs go well with a large rectangular table?

Square chairs would be good. Anything modern should work well, with angles and not rounded.

Where did the actors change in ancient greek theatres?

A large rectangular box behind the orchestra where the actors could change. This is called a Skene.

Two garden plots are to have the same area one is square one is rectangular The rectangular plot is 3 meters wide and 12 meters long How large is one side of the square garden plot in meters?

The answer to "How large is one side of the square garden plot in meters?" is as follows: Seeing as area = length X width, we can say that 3 meters X 12 meters = 36 meters. With that statement, it can be assumed that (since the area of the square and rectangle are equal) the area of the square is 36. By merely using simple math one should deduct that 6 is the "square root" of 36. One side of the square garden plot in meters: 6m

What is the name of the main squae in Madrid?

Madrid's main square is called Plaza Mayor, meaning large square.

What is another name for a large rectangle?

rectangular prism

What is a large square cut stone called?

A large square cut stone is commonly known as a "cushion cut" or "princess cut" depending on the shape of the stone.

How much is postage for an 8x8 envelope in the US?

an 8x8 envelope is charged "parcel rate"..because it is square and over the letter size dimension...cant be a "large envelope" because it is not rectangular

What is a large open rectangular in the central part of Rome?

Perhaps you mean The Forum, but it's more trapezoidal than rectangular.