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A line through a circle that does not go through the center of the circle is a secant line. A line through a circle that does go through the center is still a secant line, by the way. Compare this to a line segment that has its two endpoints on the circumference of the circle. That line segment is a cord of the circle. If that cord of the circle passes through the center of the circle, then the cord is a diameter of that circle.

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Q: What is a line through a circle that does not go through the center?
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Does a chord of a circle have to go through the center?

No, the cord of a circle does not have to go through the center of that circle. A chord that does go through the center of a circle is a special case and is called the diameter. A chord can connect any two points on a circle.

What name is given to a line segment with endpoints on the circle?

The name is "chord".If the line segment happens to go through the center of the circle, thenit is also given the additional name "diameter", and no other chord in thesame circle can be longer than that one is.

How is the diameter of a circle represented?

A circle with a straight line through it, usually at an angle, and often with a small dot where the centre of the circle would be (also on the line, to clarify that the line does go through the centre).

Does always a tangent to a circle pass through the center of the circle?

the tangent will never go through the center of a cirlce. The tangent is, by definition, a line that only intersects the circle at one point. If you look down a pencil along its long axis, so that it appears to be a circle, and place your finger on top of and perpendicular to the pencil, your finger is now tangent to the circle you see.

Do all chords go through the origin of a circle?

No. The only chords that go through the center is a diameter.

Can a line go through a circle more than once?

ust be yourself

What is the term for a line that meets a circle or arc at only one point on it's exterior so it will not go through the circle?

a tangent to the circle

What is a segment whose endpoints are on a circle?

A chord. a diameter also has endpoints on a circle, the only difference is a diameter goes through the center point and a chord doesnt have to go through the center. a diameter is considered a chord.

What are symmetery lines?

If you take a circle for example, a line of symmetry is any line that can go through that circle and if you fold the circle in half it will be equal. So a line of symmetry is a line that you divide any shape in half with and have both halves be the same.

What is a line that connects a point on a circle to the center of a circle?

The RADIUS. Other nomenclature for a circle are:- Diameter ; Two radii forming a straight line through the circle centre. Chord ; A straight line from one point on the circle to another point on the circle that does NOT pass through the circle centre. Arc ; Part of the circumference. Segment ; An area inside the circle bounded by two radii and an arc. Tangent ' A line just touching the circle's circumference in ONE place. NB The plural of the noun 'Radius' is 'RADII' , not radiuses. 'Radii' is pronounced 'Ray- dee - eye'. NNB 'pi' is the Classical Greek small case letter 'p' , for 'proportion. It is an Irrational number, but for elementary(school) purposes it is given as the approximation '3.14' or '22/7' Being an Irrational number means the decimals are NOT in any regular order and go to infinity. pi ~ 3.141592.....

Does a diameter go all the way across or halfway across a circle?

A diameter goes all the way across a circle through the center. A radius goes half way across, from the center to any point on the circle. So a circle's diameter is two times its radius.All the way through the centre of the circle but the radius only goes half way from the centre of the circle

How many straight lines can be drawn inside a circle to dissect it?

There really is no specific number or in other words an infinite number of lines can be used to disect a circle. a line only has to go through the center of the circle to disect it. but the angle at which you draw the line can vary every time. it just depends how precise you want to get. Basically; between two lines, there will always be room another line, even if it gets to microscopic proportions.