What is a modal scale?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What is a modal scale?
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How do you do modal interval in maths?

write an interval and a scale for the data set 55,30,78,98,7, and 45

What is modal in music terms?

The modes denotes the scale used in music. The most two common modes are the major scale (Ionian) and the harmonic minor scale. Aeolian mode refers to the natural minor scale. Other modes include Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian and Mixolydian. Modern music has even more modes than the diatonic scales.

Can you modal 10 equal fractions?

No. Modal is an adjective and not a verb so nobody can modal anything.

How do you wash modal fabric?

How do you wash modal fabric?

Is a dorian modal scale used in the key from the scale from which it is derived ie D Major Dorian used in the key of C Major or the key of its root noteie D Major?

NO neither the root is B minor used in the scale of A major! yours sincerily Ima Id Iot

What is a modal group?

the modal group is the group with most data in.

What is the modal class in a grouped data if there are two classes with the same highest frequency?

They are both modal classes - the distribution is bi-modal.

How can you are formated tothe Nokia phone7610 modal?

I can be do if the modal ofthe nokia was

What is a modal mark?

Modal marks is the highest marks in the given data

What is a modal length in math?

Length* :) , The Modal Length Will Be The Length That There is The Most Of

How do you use the word does in a sentence as modal helping verb?

does is not a modal verb

Is viscose and modal is different how?

ose and modal are two different fabric