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yacht this was the original answer but this can refer to a powered vessel too. As in motor yacht. A one masted fore and aft rigged vessel is called a sloop and can have various sail plans e.g. Gaff rigged, bermudian rigged

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Q: What is a one-masted fore and aft-rigged vessel called?
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What is the Fore of a boat?

The fore most part of a vessel is the bow

What is a sailing vessel with three masts called?

A barque a sailing ship, typically with three masts, in which the foremast and mainmast are square-rigged and the mizzenmast is rigged fore-and-aft.

What is a barquentine?

A barquentine is a sailing vessel similar to a barque, but fore-and-aft rigged on the mainmast.

The third mast on a vessel called?

Fore-mast: the first mast, or the mast fore of the main-mast.Main-mast: the tallest mast, usually located near the center of the ship.Mizzen-mast: the third mast, or the mast immediately aft of the main-mast.(information from wikipedia)

What is a sailing vessel with at least 2 masts with lower sails rigged fore and aft?

A schooner

What is a barkentine?

A barkentine is another term for a barquentine - a sailing vessel similar to a barque but fore-and-after rigged on the mainmast.

What is a bowsprit?

The Bowsprit of a sailing vessel is a pole or spar extending forward from the vessel's prow, providing an anchor point for the forestays and allowing the fore-mast to be stepped farther forward on the hull

What is the Mast in front of a ship?

The front mast is called the Foremast. Sometimes it is called the mizzen mast.

What is the front of the head called?


What is the front of a picture called?


What is the Triangular sail furthest forward on a vessel called?

The most forward sail is normally called a jib.On vessels with more than one jib, the names of the jibs (from forward to aft) are: Flying jib, Outer jib, Inner jib and Fore (topmast) staysail.

What part is aft of the ship?

"Aft" is not a specific PART of a ship, but rather a direction. Instead of north-south-east-west, directions on board ship are given as fore and aft, port and starboard. Aft would refer to "toward the rear of the ship". Fore is forward, port is toward the left side, and starboard is toward the right side.