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Q: What is a practical application of calculus in biology?
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What are the practical applications of limits of function?

well derivatives cannt be used without limits so it is application for calculus

What is a practical application of calculus in medicine?

determine the concentration of a medicine in a person's body over time, taking into account how much substance and how frequently it is taken and how fast it metabolises

What science is needed in pharmacy?

Chemistry, Biology, Calculus

What are the practical application of centre of pressure?

what are the practical application of the center of pressure

Application of biology for the welfare of mankind?

contribution of biology to human welfare is great .biology helps in increasing food production ,preventing and curing deaseas protecting envorionment and many other field. some of the practical application of biology are discussed below :IMMUNIZATION BY VACCINATION :vaccines are antigens which are modified in such a way that they can promote active immunity when introduced in the body without causing the deases.

Application of mathematics in engineering field?


Cite some practical application as of the thermal expansion?

cite some practical application and geometry

What is the application of scientific discoveries to practical use called?

The application of scientific discoveries to practical use is called technology. Technology is defined as the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.

Define and differentiate science and technology?

science means studying about anything like physics,biology or anything whereas technology means the application of science in a practical way to have a better life

Is vector calculus and differential equations needed for marine biology?

Marine biology is a vast discipline incorporating every aspect of biology but with a marine emphasis, this ranges from ecology (which is heavily statistical) to physiology. So in answer to your question, yes it is used, the need however depends on what path you take. Vector calculus has proved to be useful while studying marine biology.

What does practical application mean?

"Practical application" can best be defined by contrasting it to "theoretical application". A practical application is the real or tangible use of a thing or a concept, whereas the outcome of a theoretical application is nontangibe results not subject to objective measurement because the thing or theory has not actually been put to use.

What is application of vector calculus in engineering?

It is used to position an object in3D