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A product is a physical good that is marketed usually for a profit. A product's personality is it's usability, performance, appearance, and benefits.

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Q: What is a product. What is Product Personality and its components?
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in what components dot and cross product resolve?

A dot product is a scalar product so it is a single number with only one component. A cross product or vector product is a vector which has three components like the original vectors.

What puts together components to make a product?

The assembly process puts components together to make a product.

What are some augmented product components?

For example, follow-up technical assistance and warranties and guaranties are augmented product components

What term does not belong in this grouping collagen cell matrix cell product?

Product does not belong in this grouping, as collagen, cell, and matrix are all related to biological components, whereas product is a general term not specifically related to biology or cells.

How does a product develop into a brand and what is advantage of creating a brand?

A product is developed into a brand by giving the product a certain personality that consumers can use to identify it. Creating a brand allows the product to be associated with certain traits. It also makes the product easy to remember for the consumer.

What are the components of the product mix IN marketing?

Branding Packaging Labelling

What are the components of a marketing mix?

product, place, price, and promotion

What are 3 normal components of urine besides water?

Three normal components of urine besides water are urea, which is a waste product of protein metabolism, uric acid, which is a waste product of nucleic acid metabolism, and creatinine, which is a waste product of muscle metabolism.

Products is a bundle of satisfaction that a customer expects?

a product refers to any good or service that satisfies a need. there are three components of a product. the core product, the actual product and the augmented product. a product is a bundle of satisfaction because all these three aspects of a product provide a significant level of satisfaction without which the customer will be demotivated to purchase

What are the two major components of work?

Work is the product of (force) times (distance). There are no other components.

What are three major cost components of a manufactured product?

Materials(the cost of the raw materials used in the product) Labour(the cost in employing workers to manufacture the product) Transportation(the costs associated with both the transportation of the materials and of the finished product)

What is core technology?

"Core technology" is a generic term used to describe the key technology components used in a product. These key components are vital for the product to work, and in many cases are patent-protected.