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Below are examples of sentences using the term:

Sentence #1

The math problem had a positive and a negative integer.

Sentence #2

Five minus ten yields an answer that is a negative integer, namely negative five.

Sentence #3

When the temperature is below zero, it can be represented by a negative integer.

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2010-03-03 02:54:55
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Q: What is a sentence using the words 'negative integer'?
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What is non positive integer?

A non-positive integer is a negative integer. The term refers to any integer (a number that has no decimal part) that is less than zero.It means that it is an integer (whole number), and that it isn't positive. In other words, that includes zero, and negative integers.

Meaning of signed integer in c language?

signed integer means that it has a sigh (+ or -). Using another words you say that signed variable can be positive as well as negative. unsigned variables can be only positive.

Is 14 a integer?

An integer is any number, positive or negative, that is written as a whole number. In other words, there is no fraction or decimals. Therefore, 14 is an integer.

What is it when you use two negative words in a sentence?

a double negative.

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Some elements in the periodic table have a nucleus that is surrounded by a cloud of electrons with a negative charge. This is one sentence using nucleus and periodic table.

What are the words that make a sentence negative?

these are the words that make sentence negative- no,not,none,never,nobody,noman----like these, hardly,scarcely,seldom,little,few.

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The words 'Sentence using quagmire' is not a complete sentence, much less a question.

Can you use multiple negative words in a sentence?

no u cant

How do you list words in a sentence?

The best way to list words in a sentence is by using commas.

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There are many examples for this such as this sentence itself.

No they have no answers to the problem?

Using two 'no' words in one sentence is known as a double-negative. One negates the other, so the meaning is Yes, they have answers.

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