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A pentagon

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Q: What is a shape with 5 equal sides all the sides are triangles?
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What shape has three different sized sides?

A three-sided shape is called a triangle. There are three types of triangles: equilateral triangles, iscosceles triangles, and scalene triangles. Equilateral triangles have all equal sides and angles; iscosceles triangles have two congruent legs and a base, and scalene triangles do not have any equal sides or angles.

If two triangles are congruent?

If two triangles are congruent, it means that they have the same shape and size. All corresponding angles are equal, and all corresponding sides are equal in length.

Can equilateral triangles be isosceles triangles?

no. Equilateral triangles have all equal sides. Isoceles triangles only have 2 congruent sides. Isosceles triangles have 2 equal sides.

Are triangles equilateral?

Some triangles are equilateral, but not all of them. There are three types of triangles. Triangles which have three equal sides and three equal angles are called equilateral triangles. Isosceles triangles have two equal sides and two equal angles. Scalene triangles have no equal sides and no equal angles.

Triangle has no equal anles or sides?

Equaliateral Triangles have all three sides and angles (60 degrees)equal Isosceles Triangles have to equal sides and angles Scalene Triangles have no equal sides or angles

Do icosceles triangles have all 3 sides equal?

No. Isosceles triangles have two sides of equal length.

A shape with no pairs of parallel sides?

all triangles fit this description, as would many irregular (not all sides are of equal length) versions of shapes with more sides

Is a triangle a irregular or a regular shape?

An equilateral triangle is a regular shape because it has 3 equal sides.

Do isosceles triangles have all equal sides?

Some people classify isosceles triangles as having at least two equal sides, while other say that they must have exactly two equal sides. So, depending on your definition, some isosceles triangles may have all equal sides, but equilateral triangles always have three equal sides.

Are all isosceles triangles also equilateral triangles?

No, not at all, all isosceles triangles aren't equilateral since an equilateral triangle is a triangle with all of its sides equal, i.e. all sides of an equilateral triangle are equal, but in an isosceles triangle only two of its sides are equal.

Which types of triangles can have 2 or more sides with equal lengths?

All triangles have 3 sides but an isosceles triangle has 2 equal sides and an equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides.

What is the difference between an isosceles and an scaline triangle?

An equilateral triangle is a triangle where all of the sides are of equal length. An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has only two sides that are of equal length.