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it's a cylinder

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Q: What is a solid bounded by a curved lateral surface and two circular bases?
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A 3D figure with two parallel congruent circular bases connected by a curved lateral surface?


What is A three-deminsional figure with two parellel congruent circular bases onnected by a curved lateral surface?

A cylinder

What is a curved geometric solid lateral surface called?

curve surface area

What is in a cylinder the curved surface connecting the circular bases in a cone the curved surface that is not a base?

It's a rectangle.

What is a figure with one circular base and one curved curved surface?

A paraboloid.

It has 2 circular bases and a curved surface?

A cylinder !

How many curved surface does a cylinder has?

A cylinder has 2 equal parallel flat surface circular bases and a curved surface body.

Does a cylinder have a curved and flat surface?

Yes, a cylinder has both curved and flat surface. Considering a solid cylinder standing on its end, the circular base and the circular top are flat surfaces. The surface connecting the top and bottom is curved.

What are figure that has two circular bases and one curved surface?

A figure with 2 circular bases and one curved surface is called a cylinder. Examples are food cans.

What solid has a single circular face and a curved surface?


Does a cylinder have perpendicular edges?

An edge is a segment that is the intersection of two faces. A cylinder has two parallel bases bounded by congruent circles, and a curved lateral surface which connect the circles. Therefore, a cylinder does not have an edge.

You have one flat circular base you have one curved surface what are you?

A cone.

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