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a hemisphere. a cone. i'm sure there are others as well.

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Q: What is a solid that has 1 flat surface and 1 curve surface?
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What solid has 1 flat surface?

A cone !!

What solid figure has 1 flat surface and 1 vertex?


What solid figure has 1 flat surface and zero vertices's?

A sphere.

Which Solid figure has 0 vertex and 1 flat surface?

This is an impossibility. If it is a solid figure then it will have more than 1 surface. If it has only 1surface and it is a solid, then it must be a sphere, but the surface of a sphere is not flat is it? By using the word 'solid' then by definition, it is three dimensional and has thickness. A cylinder has no vertices , but it has 2flat surfaces. A vertex is a point where three lines meet, such as on a pyramid, which has 4 vertices. Have I forgotten something or is this a 'trick' question?

What solid figure has a flat circular base and has 1 curved surface?

The description given fits that of a cone.

What shape has 1 curve and 1 flat side?

A semicircle.

What is a solid that has 1 flat surface and can roll?

A cone. If your definition of rolling includes the motion of a cone down an incline.

How many flat faces do a cone have?

A cone has 1 flat surface, because a cone has 1 corner and has 4 edges. The reason that is is because a cone is round. A cone has a flat surface at the bottom of the cone. The reason it is because the cone doesn't have any vertices and most of the solid and plane figures have vertices.

What shape has 1 curved surface and 1 flat surface?


What shape has 1 flat surface and 1 curved surface?


What figure has flat surface and a vertex?

If you mean 1 flat surface and 1 vertex, then the only thing I can think of is a cone.

How many flat surface does a cone has?

Mathematically, a cone is infinite and so has no flat surface. The popular cone is actually a truncated cone and does have 1 flat surface.