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Q: What is a statement that has the opposite truth value and the opposite meaning from a given statement is called?
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What are difference between the sides of a right angle?

The side of a triangle that is opposite to 90 degree angle is called hypotenuse. The side that is opposite to the given angle (The angle that is under calculations) is called opposite. The side that is adjacent with the given angle is called base.

What is the defference between synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms-means the same meaning as the word given while antonyms means the opposite of the word given

What do you mean by dis in prefix?

"Dis-" is a prefix that is added to words to give them the opposite meaning. It's used to indicate reversal, removal, or deprivation. For example, "dislike" means the opposite of liking something.

For a given angle the length of the side opposite the angle divided by the hypotenuse is called the?


What is the reasoning logically from given statement to a conclusion is called what?

The logical process of moving from a given statement or set of statements to a conclusion is called deductive reasoning. This type of reasoning involves drawing conclusions that are necessarily true based on the information provided in the premises.

What is the name given to using powerful words to make a strong statement?

it's called screaming

What is a believer of sikism called?

Generally, a 'Follower of Sikhism' is called a Sikh, or they may be called Khalsa (meaning "Sovereign"). Meanwhile, the last name, Singh, meaning lion, is given to baptized Sikh males, and the last name Kaur, meaning princess/lioness, is given to baptized Sikh females.

What is a slanted rectangle called and their sides?

A parallelogram with opposite parallel sides would fit the given description.

When is an untrue statement?

statement given is not true or a lie

What is the opposite meaning of chatty?

Given to light, familiar talk; talkative., A porous earthen pot used in India for cooling water, etc.

Is an analogy the opposite?

No. An antonym is a word meaning more or less the opposite of a given word.An analogy is a comparison of situational similarities, such as how the bark of a tree is analogous to human skin: both are external protective layers.

When you change the truth value of a given conditional statement?

by switching the truth values of the hypothesis and conclusion, it is called the contrapositive of the original statement. The contrapositive of a true conditional statement will also be true, while the contrapositive of a false conditional statement will also be false.