What is a subtraction equation with the solution of -3?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is a subtraction equation with the solution of -3?
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Does a solution to an equation make the equation true or false?

A solution to an question makes the equation true. For example a solution to the equation 3x = x + 6 is x = 3, since 3(3) = 3+6.

What is a example of a subtraction equation?

10 - 4 or 65-34 is an example of a subtraction equation

Why would you use addition to solve a subtraction equation?

because you undo the operation in the equation= to undo subtraction you add

What is the solution of the equation -2 and plus 5?

It's just subtraction. You have five apples (+5). You eat two (-2). What's left?

What is difference in maths?

The answer in a subtraction equation.

What is a two-step equation?

A two Step equation is simply an equation that requires two steps to solve it.Example3h + 4 = 16 *Get the Variable by itself- when doing that know thataddition and Subtraction always come before Multiplicationand subtraction. - 4 = - 43h = 123h / 3 = 12 / 3h = 12 / 3 => h = 4

Does the equation 7x-56x 3 have exactly one solution?

It has no solution because without an equality sign it is not an equation.

Which equation has solution x -3?

The equation that has the solution x = -3, is, precisely:x = -3 If you want anything more fancy, you can add some number (the same number to both sides), multiply by some number (the same number to both sides), etc.

What is the solution of 9n 3?

If you mean: 9n = 3 then the value of n is 1/3 which is the solution to the equation

What is the difference between a situation and a solution equation?

A situation equation follows the order of the story problem.For instance:Johnny has 8 apples, he eats some, and has 3 left.The situation equation would be: 8 - a = 3A solution equation is the equation that would help you find the solution. Your brain doesn't automatically know what "a" is, it has to rearrange the order of the equation and then solve.The solution equation would be: 8 - 3 = a, then you would solve it.

What is the answer to the equation 3 5 9 ----33 65?

It is not an equation and no solution is possible.

How is the addition and subtraction equality used in linear equations?

in an equation like y=5x+3 the 3 would be the y-intercept