What is a two figure number?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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a two-digit one.

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Q: What is a two figure number?
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What are the number of faces on a solid figure cone?


What is the value of the figure 2 in the number 302700?

two thousand

Congruent figure must have how many sides?

Any number you like, as long as the two figures have the same number.

How do you write a figure numerically?

This is simple once you understand. A numeric figure is simply just the number. The number two written in figures is 2. The number four hundred and fifty six written in figures is 456.

How do you figure out a number have way between 2 numbers?

Add them together and divide by two.

Is the square of two irrational numbers irrational?


How do you figure out square root of a number?

figure out what the square number might be

Five hundred and two thousandand twenty as a figure?

Five-hundred and two thousand and twenty, expressed as a number, is equal to 502,020.

What figure has the greatest number of sides?

There is no figure with a greatest number of sides. For any figure with n sides, there will be a figure with n+1 sides.

How do you figure out a rational number?

It can be written in the form of a ratio of two integers, p/q where q is >0.

Does 0.070 have one significant figure?

No, two of them. Trailing zeros in a number containing a decimal point are significant.

How many sides and angles do a polygon have?

Polygon is a two dimensional figure that has three or more sides. Polygons are classified by their number of sides. Three sided is a triangle. A four sided figure is a quadrilateral. A five sided figure is a pentagon and so forth. The number of angles it has is equal to the number of sides.A polygon usaally has 5sides