What is an equilateral equation?

Updated: 10/17/2022
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equations that u do in 8th grade and r very hard

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Q: What is an equilateral equation?
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What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle with side length of 27cms?

27+27+27=81 The equation for the perimeter an equilateral triangle is "side + side + side". And since it is an equilateral all the sides are the same length.

What are some math words that begin with the letter E?

EquilateralEquationequivalentEdgeEquidistantExteriorExtremaexponentequal equation ellipse exponent equilateral triangle estimate

Explain how each angle in a equilateral triangle is 60 degrees?

Well, in an equilateral triangle, all three angles have to be equal. Plus, the sum of all the angles must be 180. Therefore, if you want to find on angle of an equilateral triangle, you would use the equation, 180/3=60

Are there any math words that start with E exept for equation?

Even numbers, Equilateral triangle, Exponential growth curve...

What types of faces are found in an equilateral triangle?

One face that is the equilateral triangle.One face that is the equilateral triangle.One face that is the equilateral triangle.One face that is the equilateral triangle.

How many equal sides does an equilateral have?

1In something that is equilateral, all the sides are equal. For an equilateral triangle, that's three.

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a parabola with its vertex at the vertex of the parabola how do you find the length of the equilateral triangle?

First you need more details about the parabola. Then - if the parabola opens upward - you can assume that the lowest point of the triangle is at the vertex; write an equation for each of the lines in the equilateral triangle. These lines will slope upwards (or downwards) at an angle of 60°; you must convert that to a slope (using the tangent function). Once you have the equation of the lines and the parabola, solve them simultaneously to check at what points they cross. Finally you can use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the length.

Are some equilateral triangles scalene?

No, a scalene is a scalene and an equilateral is an equilateral. They are NOT the same.

Does a equiangular triangle have to be equilateral?

No, an equilateral triangle has to be equiangular, but an equiangular triangle does NOT have to be equilateral

Are obtuse triangles equilateral?

no they can be isosceles but not equilateral

Is an octagon always equilateral?

No, there is no need for it to be equilateral.

An equiangular hexagon that is not a=equilateral?

Are equiangular hexagons equilateral? Image result for An equiangular hexagon that is not a=equilateral? Equiangular hexagons An equilateral hexagon with 1:2 edge length ratios, with equilateral triangles. This is spirolateral 2120°.