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Making huge predictions about the future on the basis of a few small facts.

Example: if the U.S. approves NAFTA, thousands of jobs and factories will move to Mexico

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Q: What is an example of unwarranted extrapolation?
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What is the relation between time travel and the speed of light?

They frequently meet in the pages of good science fiction. The inference that there is a real relationship springs from the unwarranted extrapolation of variables in a few of the simpler equations of Relativity.

What does unwarranted mean?

Unwarranted means not justified or unwarranted. An example of this word used in a sentence is, the girl kept throwing unwarranted claims at her friend who had no involvement with the issue at hand.

What is paranoid in English?

Person suffering from unwarranted jealousy. Example: he is so paranoid.

What is illogical extrapolation called?

It's called illogical extrapolation.

What is a sentence with unwarranted in it?

I can give you several sentences.That was an unwarranted attack.Your bad opinion of me is unwarranted.He has an unwarranted fear of the police.

What is data extrapolation?

An extension or projection beyond the limit of the data is extrapolation.

What is managing extrapolation in strategic management?

what is mean of extrapolation in management practise?

When was Extrapolation - album - created?

Extrapolation - album - was created on 1969-01-18.

Why is extrapolation dangerous?

Extrapolation is dangerous because trends change and outcomes can not always be predicted.

What is linear exploration?

It is searching [for something] in a straight line.Perhaps you mean linear extrapolation? That is when the extrapolation assumes that the function is a straight line.

What is a prefix for warranted?


What is unwarranted?

Unwarranted assumptions are beliefs that lack proof. They are conclusions drawn based on unsubstantiated events or faulty logic.