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Opposite angles are equal

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Q: What is an opposite angle on a parallelogram?
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Are the opposite angles of a parallelogram equal?

are the opposite angle of parallelogram equal

Does a parallelogram have all right angle?

No, it does not. But an angle and the angle opposite it are always equal.

What quadrilateral is two pair of opposite angle congruent?


Two pairs of parallel sides and opposite angle are equal?

a parallelogram.

Which angles of the parallelogram are greater than a right angle?

One pair of opposite angle is greater than a right angle.

Is it true or false that in a parallelogram the opposite angles are complementary?

Generally false. In a parallelogram, the opposite angles are equal. They could be complementary in a highly skewed parallelogram in which one angle is 45 degrees.

Parallelogram are what rectangle?

A rectangle is a parallellogram with one right angle; A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides equal and parallel.

Given parallelogram DEFG If the measure of angle D equals 57. what other angle has a measure of 57?

All you have to remember for this question is that opposite angles in a parallelogram are equal. So if you want to find another angle which is 57, just look at the angle directly opposite.

What is a parallelogram with four opposite angles?

cause there is only sussped to be one angle

What is a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and congruent and no right angle?

It is a rhombus or a parallelogram

What 2 type of quadrilateral with no right angle and opposite angles equal?

parallelogram in general, and a rhombus also, which is a type of parallelogram

A parallelogram with 4 right angles with different lenths and widths?

A parallelogram is a figure with different lengths and widths(also called breadth) where opposite sides and opposite angles are equal. But the angles are not 900 each. In fact, no angle in a parallelogram is a right angle as presence of 1 right angle proves all the angles to be right angles. A parallelogram with 4 right angles is called as a ''rectangle''

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