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The square root sign is called a radical

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Q: What is another name for the square root sign?
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What is the name of the tail on the square root sign?

The name of the tail on the square root sign is the radical.

What is the name of the square root sign?


What is the sign for square root?

The Sign for square root is One of them ticks

What is the symbol for a a square root sign?

The symbol for a a square root sign is: √

What is the square root of 45 simplified?

(square root sign)5 (square root sign)9 which then simplifies to.. 5 (square root sign)3 The square root sign wouldn't show up properly first time I saved the answer so that's why i have written in brackets where the square root sign should be =]

What does a square root have?

The square root symbol is the radical sign, √.

What is 5 then square root sign 45 simplified?

15 square root sign 5

What would be of the square root of a number if there is no sign in front of the square root symbol?

If unspecified, the square root is the principal root, which is the positive root.

What is the radical sign of a square root?

Its the inside of the parenthisis. Ex: Square root sign ( any number of your choice)

What is under the radical sign?

The radicand which is the name for the number that you are trying to solve the square root of.

What is the 2 in front of the square root sign?

The sign that is used for the square root is actually a root sign: the little 2 before it denotes that it is the square root. A little 3 would indicate it is a cube root, a little 4 that it is a fourth root and so on. However, conventionally, if no number is shown, it may be assumed that it is the square root.

What is the sign of the square root of -1?

In the same way that the square root of 25 can be -5 OR +5, the square root of -1 is -i or +i.

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