What is anoxia?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Anoxia is a condition charactised by an absence of oxygen supply to an organ or a tissue.

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Q: What is anoxia?
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What is an example sentence for anoxia?

An example sentence for anoxia is: "The patient experienced anoxia due to lack of oxygen reaching their brain, leading to dizziness and confusion."

When does anoxia occur?

Anoxia results when oxygen is not being delivered to a part of the body.

What is the word root of anoxia?

The word root of "anoxia" is "oxia," which is derived from the Greek word for oxygen. "Anoxia" refers to a condition characterized by a lack of oxygen reaching tissues.

Whats the meaning of Anoxia?

Anoxia means "no oxygen", or suffocation. A related word, "hypoxia", refers to "not enough oxygen".

What causes anoxia?

Anoxia, the severest form of hypoxia, is caused by extreme deprivation of oxygen.The causes of anoxia are:Severe anemia.Low partial pressure of oxygen in blood (Hypoxemia).Premature birthLung diseases like asthmaSee the related link.

The lack of oxygen in the heart is know as?


What is the term for absence of spontaneous respiration?


What is the term for having no oxygen?

The term for having no oxygen is "anoxia." Anoxia can result in damage to tissues and organs due to the lack of oxygen required for normal functioning.

How can hypoxemic anoxia be avoided?

Hypoxemic anoxia can be avoided by utilizing supplemental oxygen when in high altitudes and being aware of the early symptoms of altitude sickness and reducing altitude once recognized.

What actors and actresses appeared in Anoxia - 2008?

The cast of Anoxia - 2008 includes: Mariano Delaude as Siuk Luz Hojsgaard as Flor Javier Lester as Santi Luisina Viana as Meli

What is a state of disruption of oxygen supply to the tissues and a return of blood to the heart?


What is the severe absence of oxygen from the body's gases blood or tissues is known as?