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Q: What is baby kaely first and middle and last name?
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If the baby has my last name and i get a paternity test and it turns out not to be mine can I make her change his last name from being mine?

Yes, you can always change the first, middle, or last name of a baby.

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It depends... -Is the baby a girl? Evona is a girl name and if the baby is a boy the baby will get teased -What is her middle name? Does Evona go with her middle name? -What is her last name? Does Evona go with her last name? If the baby's a girl, Evona go with her middle and last name. Evona is a perfect name for your baby!

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What is baby kaely's last name?

Johnson :) & her fav color is purple CJ is really her dad and shes mixed (black & white) not racist but.......her moms name is Karla and her dads name is Calvin Johnson follow him on fb at SHO23 :)

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