What is bigger 10MM or 8MM?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is bigger 10MM or 8MM?
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Is 10mm bigger than 18mm?

No, 10 is less than 18. Just like 10 dollars is less than 18 dollars.

How big is 8mmx10mm?

8mm*10mm = 80mm or 8cm

How you chance 10mm steel bar to 8mm steel bar give formula?

Calculate cross sectional area of 10mm bar amd 8mm bar, then divide them and you will get the no. of bars. For Eg. - Area of 10mm bar = 78.53 Area of 8mm bar = 50.26 No. of 8mm bars in replacement for 10mm bar = 1.562 bars [ theoritical] In practical u'll provide 2-8mm bars.

How much is 8mm?

== 1 centimeter== 10mm == 1 centimeter= 10mm 8 mm= .8 centimeter === ===

Which is longer 8mm or 1.8cm?

1.8cm is bigger than 8mm

What is the bolt size for the rocker arm on a Chevrolet 3.4l?

8mm-10mm typically

What is the weight of 8mm thick glass?

8mm glass is 20KG per sq metre 10mm glass is 25kg per sq metre

What is 8 millimeters converted to centimeters?

8mm converts to 0.8cm (there are 10mm per cm).

What glass is used to make an aquarium?

6mm float is generally the size u want wouldn't go much bigger then 4 ft with 6mm if any bigger u want to start thinking about 8mm or even 10mm float and don't forget bracing

Is 6cm or 8 mm which is longer?

6cm is much longer than 8mm.1cm = 10mm

What are the cylinder head bolt torque settings on a volkswagen bug 1600cc?

There is a early and late style stud, the early stud is 10mm (the stud size) and a 8mm is the late style, the torque for the 10mm is 25lbs and the 8mm is 18lbs , by the way they are head nuts not bolts

How do you ms bar weight calculation?

give me formula for weight in kg 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm