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A dependant variable is a term used in science to identify the response that is measured in an experiment. When a researcher conducts an experiment, he is interested in the outcome, defined as the dependent variable.

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The dependent variable is your y variable on the y-axis

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A variable (often denoted by y) whose value depends on that of another.

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Q: What is dependant variable?
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Independent and dependent variable?

Math: Independent variable is what you change. Dependent variable is what you measure.

What is the dependant variable in sciences?

The dependant variable is what is tested in an experiment.

Is a control variable the same as a dependent variable?

I believe the dependant variable is dependant on the control variable

What variable is effected by the independent variable?

Dependant variable

What does the independent variable affect when it is changed?

The independent variable sometimes changes the dependant variable, because it is dependant on the other variable. Sometimes the independent variable doesn't change the dependant variable, in which case there is no causation between the two variables.

What is a manipulated variable called?

A dependant variable.

What is a dependant variable?

it will rely on the independent variable

What is a measured outcome variable in a experiment called?

The variable you measure is called the dependant variable.A dependant variable is what you observe or measure to get your results.The dependent variable.

What is a dependant variable in an experiment?

A dependant variable in an experiment is the portion of the experiment, or "y" variable that is subjected to change as a result of the various forms of the independent variable, or "x" variable.

Is a paper cup a dependent variable?

A dependant variable is one that is dependant on something else, e.g if I change the temperature (the independant variable) the rate of reaction increases(the dependant variable). A paper cup is not a variable as it doesn't change in value - it is equipment

What is another name for the dependant variable?

the 'y' variable

What variable plotted on x-axis?

dependant variable

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