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Q: What is difficult about using 2d design?
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What is 2d design?

it would be desighning something in a 2d plane.. such as drwaing on a peeice of paper or desighning with a 2d programing. as long as your not modeling in 3d using auto cad maya or another 3d desighner its 2d desighn.

What is 2D web design?

Well,buddy don't know much about 2D web design, but I think web site which contain 2 D graphic,2D animation called 2 D web design

What is the definition of 2d drawing?

the definition of 2D is it is flat on the piece of paper -A design

What type of program is 2d design?

its a software which bases the parts of design

What are some of the top kinds of 2d design?

There are many top kinds of 2d design one can find in the internet. Someone need a program like CAD Software Review 2013 or Adobe Photoshop CS to design nice 2d effects.

How do you trace on 2D design?

shut down compute

What aer CAD files?

Computer Aided Design - They are used on programs such as 2D Design or Solidworks.

Is there a 2D character design program?

yes you can find it

Two drawing programs in the market?

2D Design V2 Macromedia Fireworks

What are the tools on techsoft 2D design V2?

umm i think there is a textbox tool,

What software can be used for fashion designers?

Many people have been using C-DESIGN Fashion for a while, and they are pretty happy with it. Click on the C-Design link in the Related Links section below. OptiTex fashion design software is the leading developer of 2D & 3D solutions for many sewn products.

How can a Christmas card be crafted?

Christmas cards can be crafted by using solid paper such as card stock. You can then print your own design on it. If you want to be more creative, you can turn a 2D card into a 3D masterpiece.