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Q: What is example of positive liberty?
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What is Negative-negative And positive-positive?

Negative liberty and positive liberty?

Short note on positive vs negative liberty?

Positive liberty is positive while negative liberty stands for negative

What is positive and negative liberty?

Positive liberty refers to the ability to actively pursue one's goals and fulfill one's potential, often requiring access to resources and opportunities. Negative liberty, on the other hand, emphasizes the absence of external constraints or interference, allowing individuals to act freely without coercion or obstacles.

Why is liberty considered positive and negative liberty?

Because people with different political meaning ascribe different definition to what liberty means.

What are the different types of liberty?

There are two main types of liberty: negative liberty, which is the absence of interference by others, and positive liberty, which is the ability to act on one's free will and achieve one's potential. Negative liberty focuses on individual rights and freedoms, while positive liberty emphasizes the conditions necessary for individuals to truly be free.

How can liberty be preserved?

liberty can be preserved by maintaining the positive and nagative liberty. as the world now has became very rudicolous because of the increase in price

What is correct setting a positive example for them or setting a positive example to them?

for them

Two types of liberty are?

Positive liberty: the ability to act with autonomy and self-determination. Negative liberty: freedom from interference or coercion by others.

Why is the Statue of Liberty an important example of patriotism?

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.

What is an example of two positive integers always positive?

Addition is an example.

Why did dubois call himself a bolshevik?

Because socialism is freedom. Go look up the difference between "positive liberty" and "negative liberty". Capitalism sometimes grants people negative liberty, but it never grants them positive liberty. And a lack of positive liberty is the exact thing constraining African-Americans today. Somehow people thing that if all discrimination stopped today that the African-American community would no longer be oppressed, but that is absurd. Their material/actual ability to do the things they choose is still limited by the legacy of slavery.

What is a nickname for the Statue of Liberty?

Accually, "The Statue of Liberty" is the nickname! The original name was "Liberty Enlightening the World". But there are other names, too, like "Lady Liberty", for example.