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It is 7/24.

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Q: What is five eights - one thirds?
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What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is greater two thirds or five eights?

two thirds

What is two thirds of five eights?


What Seven eights minus two thirds?

five twentyfourths

What is three subtracted from one and five eights?

one and three-eights

What is fourteen two thirds divided by four one eights?


Is the fraction nine thirds equal to the fraction twenty one eights?


What is the decimals for five eights and two thirds?

5/8 is 0.625 and 2/3 is 0.66666.... (repeating decimal)

One and two thirds times two and three eights?

One and two thirds = 5/3 Two and three eights = 19/8 Reduced... the answer is 23/6 As a mixed number.... 3 5/6

What is three eights plus one fourth plus one whole?

one and five eights

What is two thirds plus three eights?

Either 24 and 2 thirds or 1 and a 24th, depending on whether you meant eights or eighths.

What is two thirds of seven eights?

1/4 (one fourth)