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I believe it is 2,000

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Q: What is five percent of fourty thousand?
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What is 75240 in words?

Seventy-five thousand, two hundred forty.

How do you write 13540 in word form?

thirteen thousand five hundred fourty

What is the word for 3605145?

Three million six hundred and five thousand one hundred and fourty five.

What 7652045 in words?

Seventy-six million, fifty-two thousand and fourty-five.

How do you write 55551.40?

with a pen or pencil ... Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Fifty One Dollars and Fourty Cents

How much do logistic consultants make?

per year $45,000.00 (fourty five thousand dollar a year)

What is 643 495 in words?

six hundred fourty-tree thousand four hundred ninety-five

How do you write 2745.638 in words?

Two thousand sevenhundred fourty five point six three eight

What is 35x234567?

the answer to 35x234567 is 8,209,845 eight million two hundred nine thousand eight hundred fourty-five

How do you write 35743620000?

thirty five trillion, seven and fourty three million, six hundred and twenty thousand.

What is the current swordfish population?

The swordfish populion today ranges from fourty five to fifty thousand world wide

How do you write the number 34845 in words?

Written in words, 34845 is: thirty-four thousand eight hundred and fourty-five.