What is foot frontage?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is foot frontage?
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How do you find the depth of a lot?

920 sq yards with 40-foot frontage

Can one landowner sell the adjacent landowner a foot of land to help the second landowner avoid a variance?

Yes. As long as selling the one-foot strip will not leave the grantor with insufficient frontage.

How do you use the word frontage in a sentence?

A house with an ocean frontage will selll for a higher price.

How much frontage is in 1.6 acres?

It the lot is square-shaped the frontage would be 264 feet.

How many acres are there in 1 mile length of road frontage?

The answer will depend on how deep (how far from the road) the frontage extends.

How do you calculate property frontage?

To calculate property frontage, measure the length of the boundary that is parallel to the street where the property is located. This measurement will give you the linear distance that represents the property frontage. If the property has an irregular shape, you may need to measure multiple segments along the street to get a total frontage measurement.

Frontage if lot is 1 acre?

If lot is a perfect square, each side will be 208.71 feet in length, thus that is the frontage.

What is another word for frontage starting with f?


How many feet are in a frontage?

A frontage is the length of a full plot of land, measured along the road to which the plot fronts. This is obviously variable depending on which plot of land you are measuring.

Which type of property is most likely to be listed for sale at a price per front foot?

Usually commercial land is listed by how many feet of frontage it has on a busy road, making it more desirable to passing traffic.

What is a building code?

A building code variance is a permit issued by the municipality that allows some sort of a violation of the building code. For example, the town may decide to allow a house to be built on a lot with 190 foot frontage when the building code requires 200 foot frontage. The process for obtaining a variance includes a study of the request and how it would impact the neighborhood. The abutters are given notice of the request and the opportunity to file any objections. Once the variance is issued it must be recorded immediately in the land records and will benefit the property from that time on.

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