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The answer depends on the what characteristic of the pyramid you want the formula for: its surface area, its volume or something else.

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Q: What is formula of a rectangle based pyramid?
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What is a rectangular based not square pyramid called?

A rectangle based pyramid!

What is the formula of the rectangle based pyramid?

A "formula" is some mathematical rule for calculating something you wish to know. So "the formula of the rectangle-base pyramid" will be some expression which tells you something that you want to know about it. Beyond that there is no way anyone can tell you, since you do not say what feature of the pyramid you are thinking about (height, volume, surface area, weight...).

Can a triangular pyramid be called a rectangle pyramid?

No. A triangular pyramid describes a triangle whose base is a triangle (not just the sides which define it as a pyramid), whereas a rectangular pyramid is one whose base is a rectangle. A triangle and a rectangle are not the same (a triangle is not a rectangle, and a rectangle is not a triangle), so it would be incorrect to refer to a triangle-based pyramid as a rectangle pyramid.

What is the name of a rectangular based pyramid?

The best way to describe it unambiguously is calling it a rectangle based pyramid.

What is three dimensional geometric with 5 faces and 1 faces is rectangle?

It could be a rectangle-based pyramid.

What are the attributes of a pyramid?

A pyramid has a based that is a polygon such as a triangle or rectangle. The other sides of a pyramid consist of triangles, which are usually the same size.

What is a figure with four faces that are triangles and rectangle base?

In trigonometry, we call it a rectangular pyramid.

What is derivation of the formula of pyramid?

The derivation of the formula of pyramid can be gained easily based on the formula for a triangular prism. A pyramid is like two prisms joined together.

What is volume of rectangle pyramid of base 12m5m and height 9m?

Formula for volume of pyramid is 1/3*base area*height Formula for area of rectangle (in this case the base) is length*breadth So, the volume of the pyramid is 1/3*12*5*9=180m3

What is a rectangle pyramid?

A rectangle pyramid is a 4 sided pyramid (4 sided in the triangles) with a base of a rectangle. An Egyptian pyramid is a great example of a rectangular pyramid.

What shape has 8 edges and 1 rectangular face?

A rectangle based pyramid.

Is there such a thing as a rectangular based pyramid?

A rectangle is like a square so, yes.

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