What is greater volume?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is greater volume?
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Earth's volume is how many times greater than the Moon's?

The volume of the Earth is 50 times greater than the volume of the Moon.

Use the word volume in a sentence?

The volume of the box was greater then the volume of the paperclip.

When a liquid boils Why the volume of the gas produced is greater than the volume of the liquid?

The molecules are further apart, thus the gas is less dense and the volume is greater.

How does the volume of a nucleus to the volume of an atom?

the volume of atom is much greater than that of nucleus

What can you infer about the volume of the object imagined with a greater mass?

If an object has a greater mass, it is likely to occupy a larger volume as mass and volume are directly related. Objects with greater mass typically have more matter, which requires more space, leading to a larger volume.

Which has greater volume water or alcohol?

alcohol has a greater volume because when you combine the two substances together water will desolve

What has greater volume a cone or frustum?

A large cone has a greater volume than a small frustum while a small cone has a smaller volume than a large frustum

What is the relationship between pressure and volume in liquids.Pressure is directly proportional to the volume. If the volume is greater the pressure also will be greater in liquids. Is it correct?

Yes. That is what is meant by directly proportional.

If Object A and Object B both have the same volume but object B has a greater mass which object is more dense?

object B has greater density recall the formula for density is = mass/volume since volume is the same, a greater mass will give a greater density

What can you infer about the volume of and object imagined with a greater mass?

Typically, if an object has greater mass, it will also have a greater volume due to the relationship between mass and density. Objects with greater mass are usually more compact or denser, resulting in a smaller volume for the same mass.

Is kilogram g or mg greater?

kg is the greater volume.

Which has greater weight a kilogram of butter of kilogram of lead what is greater density which has greater volume?

They both weigh the same: 1kg = 1kg. The kg of butter has a greater volume and the kg of lead has a higher density.