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Q: What is homeostasis divided into component word parts?
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What is epigastric divided into component word part?

"Epigastric" can be divided into two word parts: "epi-" meaning above or on top of, and "gastric" referring to the stomach.

What is the term for pregnancy and what are the component word parts?

the term for pregnancy is gravidity... so we can say some one is gravid in medical term

How do you divide the term endarterial into its component word parts?

The term "endarterial" can be divided into its component word parts as follows: "end-" is a prefix meaning "within" or "inside." "arteri-" is the root word, referring to arteries. "-al" is a suffix that denotes "pertaining to." Therefore, "endarterial" can be broken down into "end-" (within) + "arteri-" (arteries) + "-al" (pertaining to), meaning pertaining to the inside of arteries.

What is the component parts of a word?

The component parts of a word are prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Prefixes are added at the beginning of a word, suffixes at the end, and roots are the core meaning of the word.

What is pandemic divided into its component word parts?

Pan- means all/everywhere, and -dem means upon the people. -ic denotes a noun or adjectival form

What are the component word parts of etiology?

The component word parts of "etiology" are "eti-" meaning cause and "-ology" meaning study of. Together, they form the word that refers to the study of the causes or origins of diseases.

What is the word for divided in 5 parts?

The word is fifths

What is retroperitoneal divided into component word parts?

"Retro-" means behind or backward, and "peritoneal" refers to the peritoneum, the membrane lining the abdominal cavity. Therefore, "retroperitoneal" refers to structures located behind the peritoneum in the abdominal cavity.

Can dermatologist be divided into word parts?


How do you split neonatology into its component word parts?

neo-, nat, -ology

What is adenectomy broken into component word parts?


What are the component word parts for poliomyelitis?

Poli/o, myel, -itis