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Q: What is important about the digits after the decimal point in the decimal forms of the fractions?
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How are fractions and decimals alike and how are they different?

Fractions and decimals are alike because you can make a fraction into a decimal (here's an exanple; 1/2 can be made into 0.5) and vice versa. The only difference is the different forms they are written in; a fraction is written in fraction form and a decimal is written in decimal form.

How do you fill in forms that says must be numeric?

You only put digits or decimal points in them. If they are only taking whole numbers, then you won't even put in a decimal point in them.

How do fractions help you tell percents?

Because when you change a fraction into a decimal and change the decimal into a percent it all adds up... Let me explain... 1/2 is a fraction The decimal of 1/2 is 0.5 Move the decimal point 2 places to the right and you get the percent of 0.5 which is 50%. Fractions and decimals are the same, they're just used in different forms.

Is 4500 in decimal form?

I suppose, in a technical sense. "Decimal form" is said by teachers and textbooks when speaking in contrast to "fractional form". 4500 is in either both forms or neither forms, but 'decimal form' isn't a real mathematical 'form' but a choice of expression. 4500.0 is decimal form. 4500/1 is fractional form. Decimals make percentages easier. Fractions make dividing easier.

What are the different forms of fractions?

1. Proper Fractions where the numerator is less than denominator. 2. Improper Fractions or top-heavy fractions where the numerator is greater than denominator.

How do you compare fractions in three different forms?


What forms can partions take?

fractions, decimals and percentages

How are fractions and decimals different?

They are written in different forms.

How do write 15.65 in decimal forms?

15.65 is in decimal form.

How many forms can you write a decimal number?

There are essentially three forms:Terminating decimals: 386 or 23.567,Recurring decimals: 36.572343434... (with 34 repeating),Non-terminating infinite decimals: these represent irrational numbers for which the digits after the decimal point go on for ever without falling into a repeating pattern.

Which forms apair of equivalent rational number?

Equivalent fractions do.

How do you write 3 cents in decimal forms?

3 cents in decimal