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If is being used as an ohmmeter it usually means an open circuit.

A switch may be open, or a wire is broken (not a short circuit)

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Q: What is infinity on a multimeter?
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What is infinity ohms?

Infinite ohms is what a multimeter will read across an open switch or a broken connection. It means that no electrons will pass between the points being measured.

What is the affective method to test a wire in a circuit?

To test a wire in a circuit, use a multimeter set to the resistance (ohms) setting. Disconnect the wire and touch one probe to each end of the wire. If the multimeter reads zero ohms, the wire is continuous (no breaks). If the multimeter reads infinity or a very high resistance, there is a break in the wire.

How would someone run a circuit board test?

You can run a circuit board test by using a multimeter with the ohmmeter setting. Turn the multimeter to the lowest setting and touch one lead to the tester at the solder point and the other to the socket. The resistance should read 0. A reading of infinity signifies a bad connection and will need to be re-soldered.

What does OL indicate in a digital multimeter?

It usually stands for open loop, another way of saying there isn't continuity. Original answer: it means OVER-LIMIT beyond the limits of the meter to register, such as "infinity" on a resistance scale

How can you test a battery?

You can test a battery by using multimeter. Set the multimeter to the DC voltmeter setting and then place the leads of the multimeter across the leads of the battery. the multimeter will have a readout of the voltage.

What is the purpose of an automotive multimeter?

An automotive multimeter, like any multimeter, can be used to test the voltage or current in some kind of circuit. As it is an automotive multimeter it is aimed more towards the used in a car.

How do you test a capacitor using a multimeter?

A cheap multimeter can be used to test if a capacitor is burnt out. Connect one lead of the capacitor to one lead from a resistor (about 50k ohms). Set the multimeter to a high "ohms" setting and place the test leads on the remaining cap and resistor leads. The display should begin at 50 KOhms and then get higher and higher until it reads infinity/overload. A bad capacitor will either start at infinity/overload or start at 50KOhms and stay there. It won't tell you the ferad rating of the capacitor, but it will give a starting point to troubleshoot.

Who has a wide range digital or analog multimeter?

The analog multimeter has a wider range.

Is it possible to test a diode with multimeter?

Yes it is possible to test a diode with a multimeter.

How can you check Integrated Circuits with a multimeter?

To check the IC by the multimeter, you have to make sure that the pointer points at the current. You can then connect the multimeter across the check the IC.

What are the types of multi tester?

A Multimeter is an electronic instrument, every electronic technician and engineer’s widely used piece of test equipment. A multimeter is mainly used to measure the three basic electrical characteristics of voltage, current, and resistance. There are two types of multimeters: Analog Multimeter: The Analog Multimeter or VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter) is constructed using a moving coil meter and a pointer to indicate the reading on the scale. Digital Multimeter: We mostly used a multimeter is a digital multimeter (DMM). The DMM performs all functions from AC to DC other than analog. It has two probes positive and negative indicated with black and red color as shown in the figure. there are some best multimeters for HVAC.

How many volts takes multimeter?

In Digital multimeter we use 9V Dc battery.