What is integral of sin3ycos5y?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: What is integral of sin3ycos5y?
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What is the indefinite integral of 3sinx-5cosx?


Integral in tagalog?

Integral in Tagalog: mahalaga

How is Riemann- stieltjes integral a generalization of Riemann integral?

In reimann stieltjes integral if we assume a(x) = x then it becomes reimann integral so we can say R-S integral is generalized form of reimann integral.

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Do you mean the Convolution Integral?

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non integral is type of numbers behaviour: i can say that set of numbers without any "holes inside" are integral and set of numbers with "holes inside are non integral. example : integral group "1..100" non integral group "1,4,8,67"

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Particular integral is finding what the integral is for example the integral of 2x is x^2 + C. Finding the particular solution would be finding what C equals from the particular integral.

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First we have to evaluate the inner integral using ILATE method and then evaluate the outer integral

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