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You can use one of the Math.max() methods, or the ternary operator, that is, one of the following:

Math.max(a, b)

a > b ? a : b

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Q: What is java statement to find the maximum between two values?
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Find the range of the set of numbers?

Find the minimum and maximum values from the given data. Then range is the difference between maximum and minimum values.

How to find max and min values?

Find the minimum and maximum of what? An array?

How do you determine the range of a function?

Find the maximum and minimum values that the function can take over all the values in the domain for the input. The range is the maximum minus the minimum.

How do you find relative minimum and maximum according to a graph in math?

Any graph should be titled and have maximum and minimum values listed on it. The minimum values are usually on the bottom left and the maximum values are on the top right and bottom right of the graph.

How do you find amplitude in trigonometry?

The amplitude of a sine (or cosine) curve is the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the curve, measured over a whole cycle.

Who to find maximum of the sum of the square of two integers?

Find the two numbers with the largest magnitudes (absolute values). The sum of their squares will be the maximum.

What is the formula to find maximum percentage error between measured and real values of resistor?

From what I can remember it's: |R(measured)-R(real)|/(R(real))*100%

How do you find the maximum and minimum values when the average is known?

You would need more information.

What does solve the equation mean?

Find values for the variable that satisfy the equation, that is if you replace those values for the variable into the original equation, the equation becomes a true statement.

Do adolescents finds a conflicts between parental and peer values?

Adolescents will always find conflict between parental and peer values.

Find the illegal values of c in the multiplication statement?

c = -7, c = -3, c = 2, and c= 5

How do you get a maximum displacement?

To determine the maximum displacement, you need to calculate the peak value of the displacement function. This is done by finding the extreme values (maximum or minimum) of the function, typically by taking the derivative and setting it to zero to find critical points. Once you have these critical points, evaluate the function at those points to find the maximum displacement.