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Q: What is meant by bursting current limitations in paper tables?
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What meant cable bursting current and is there any standard about bursting current?

Current bursting laboratory tests are conducted to encourage the accelerated degradation of the contact resistance between a conductor and connecting contacts in order to determine the long-term integrity of similar connections. These tests are often conducted together with accelerated corrosion tests.For more information, check out the related link below.

what is meant by school cafeteria tables ?

School cafeteria tables are usually bench tables that are used in cafeterias. These are put in schools to allow students a place to eat. Integrity Furniture offers these.

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This was the first written code of law in Rome.

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A bursting open or splitting along natural or sutured lines. You probably have seen this when some plants' fruiting bodies open and their seeds are released.

What is meant by the term resistance?

What is meant by the term resistivity?

What is meant by the term fusing current?

Fusing current for a wire is the current at which the wire will act like a fuse (melt).

What is meant by wattless current?

Current flowing through an ac circuit in which power consumed is zero is called wattless current.

What is meant by 1.55 in busbar current calculation?

Busbar current rating for 1 square inch is 1000a.

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it is down

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Expense payable is a current liability.

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What is meant by drift current in diode?

when ever the external voltage is given the movement of charge carriers produce a current i.e drift current