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Q: What is needed to become a licensed dietitian?
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Is Only Legal To Prescribe Nutrition For Medical Conditions If You Are A Licensed Dietitian?

It Is Only Legal To Prescribe Nutrition For Medical Conditions If You Are A Licensed Dietitian ?

What does the title LDN mean?

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

How can I get the education needed to become a dietitian?

You must earn a four-year degree in the field in order to become a licensed dietitian. There are more than 200 college/university programs in the U.S. Candidates have a strong background in math, science and health. This site give a great overview of the career with helpful links:

What is the difference between a licensed dietitian and a registered dietitian?

Any licensed dietitian is also a registered dietitian. But not the other way around. The "license" doesn't make them any more or less special, it just so happens that the particular state/company requires them to be licensed. What is most important is if they are registered or not. A registered dietitian not only has an extensive background in the biological and chemical sciences, but they have completed a dietetic internship, passed the RD exam, and continue their education to maintain their RD status.

What degrees is needed to become a cartoonist?

Anyone is free to draw a cartoon. It is not a licensed profession.

What do you need to be a dietitian?

To become a dietitian you need to earn a bachelor's degree in dietetics. This degree must come from an accredited university.

What courses are needed to become a math teacher?

To become a math teacher you need to complete a bachelor degree program, and be licensed by their state. Private school math teachers need a Bachelors degree but do not have to be licensed..

What education is needed to become a dietitian?

A high school education.You would also need a nutritional Sciences Degree. There are a great deal of websites regarding this subject to get information from.

What do the initials LDN mean after your name?

The initials LDN, put after a person's name, generally stand for Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.

What are the educational requirements to become a dietitian?

bachelors degree bachelors degree

What classes do i need to take to be a licensed dietitian?

you have to go to school and take health classes and diet classesthank you very much for answer the question

What does it take to get a job as a dietitian?

To become a dietitian a person must complete a bachelor's degree at an accredited institution, complete a practice program (like an internship), and pass a national exam. To become an RD (registered dietitian), the person must also complete specific continuing educational courses.

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