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It is -1/5

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2018-01-21 13:25:50
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Q: What is negative 5 raised to the power of negative 1?
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What is the answer to 5 raised to a power of negative 1?


What does 10 to the negative 1 equal?

10-1 = 1/10 A number raised to a negative power is equal to the reciprocal of the number raised to the power. So a-b = (1/a)b = 1/ab

Is a number that is raised to a negative number negative?

No. A negative power simply indicates a reciprocal of the positive power. So 3-4 = 1/34 = 1/81 while (-2)-5 = 1/(-2)5 = 1/(-32) = -1/32

What is a number raised to the negative power?

It's the inverse of the number raised to the power. 2 to the power of negative 3 would be 1/8th.1 over 25Improvement(shininggallade):When raising a whole number to a negative power, simply raise 5 to the second power, which is 25, and put a 1 over it. 5^-2=1/25 A more technical definition is to reverse the numerator and denominator and then apply the power. Remember 5 is the same as 5/1, so (5^-2)/1=1/(5^2)=1/25(The symbol for "to the power of" is "^" just to let you know.)

Is a negative to a negative power positive?

No, or more accurately "not necessarily".A negative to any even power is positive. -2, -4, -6 etc. are even, so a negative number raised to any of those powers will be positive.However, a negative number raised to an odd negative power (-1, -3, -5 etc.) will be negative.

How do you calculate a negative power such as 5 to the negative 5 power?

It is equivalent to 1 over 5 to the power of 5, or 1 over 3125.

What is 5 to the power of negative?

If you mean 5 to the power of -1 then it is 1/5

What power of -2 is raised to get -32?


What is Five raised to the power of 1?


What is 5 raised to the zeroth power?


What is .5 to the negative 1 exponent?

2. When a number is raised to a negative power, move it to the other side of the fraction. So, (0.5)^(-1) is the same as (1)/(0.5)^(1) or 1/(1/2). from there, just divide the fractions, and you will be left with 2.

What is 1 to the negative 5 power?

1/(1^5)= 0.00001

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