What is paraell line?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Parallel lines are those that are equi-distant apart for their entire length, never meeting.

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Q: What is paraell line?
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Do all triangles have paraell lines?


What polygon is where all of the sides are the same length and all of the angles?

paraell lines

What shape has two paraell sides and equal lengths diagonls which do not cross?


What greek gods do Saturn and ops paraell?

Saturn was identified with Cronus and Ops with Rhea.

4 sided shape with 2 paraell sides?

This is the definition of a trapezoid. Two parallel sides, and two non-parallel. ■

What two countries agreed to dived Korea at the 38th paraell for the perpose of accepeding the surrender of japanese troops?

The United States and the Soviet Union

Do all rectangles only have one pair of paraell sides?

No rectangle has only one pair of parallel sides.Every rectangle has two pairs of parallel sides...

How much voltage is provided by 3 AA batteries if the batteries are wired in paraell series?

Wired in parallel you will have 1.5 volts just like you have 1 battery. Wired in series you will have 4.5 volts. In parellel the amperage will triple but the volts stay the same.

Different kinds of lines?

*Straight Lines - Horizontal line - Vertical line - Broken line - Wavy line - Dotted line - Zigzag line - Diagonal line - perpendicular line - parallel line *Curved Lines - Concave line - Convex line - Spiral line

What is a line that is not a line but is almost a line?

A line of best-fit.

Do you wait in line or online?

If there is an actual physical line on the floor, and you are on it, then you are on line. If you are in a line of people, you are in line. If you are in a line of people, and also standing on a physical line on the floor, then you are both in and on line. If there is a group of people, standing in a line, and you are standing on top of the group of people standing in line, then you are standing on line.

What is line intersect?

A line intersect is a point on a line where another line or object crosses the line.