What is perimeter in geometry?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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in geometry, perimeter is the length around the outside of an object.

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Q: What is perimeter in geometry?
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Is perimeter and area part of geometry?

yes it is

What is the perimeter of 10cm of square?

For a square geometry, the perimeter is four times the side. Accordingly the perimeter equals 40 cm.

How many square feet in a 84 feet perimeter?

Perimeter of which geometry (square, circle, rectangle, triangle, ...)

What is perimeterWhy do we need perimeter?

perimeter is the largest length of the shape we need.It due to geometry concept in math

What are the formulas in geometry for squares?

perimeter : 4Larea : L2Volume : LBH

What are interior points in geometry?

For a closed shape, they are point inside its boundary or perimeter.

What does perimeter mean in geometry?

It is the total length of the outer boundary of a plane shape.

What are one-dimensional figures in geometry?

Figures that have no perimeter such as a strairght line or the arc of a circle

How do you study Geometry?

You study all the formulas of volume, area, perimeter, and surface area of each shape

What are some examples of geometry formulas?

There are different types of geometry formulas such as polygon properties, area formulas, volume formulas, surface area formulas, circle formulas, and perimeter formulas.

If the perimeter of a triangle is 33 how long is each side?

That depends on the size of the angles which, in turn, determines the geometry of the triangle.

Write a c program to find the area and perimeter of circle?

Learn c programming and geometry. It will be easy when you know both.