What is perimeter used for?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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The distance around the outside.

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Q: What is perimeter used for?
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How and where is it used perimeter of triangle?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its 3 sides

Is perimeter used on flooring?

Perimeter is used on flooring to help determine the area which will be covered. Unfortunately, perimeter does not take into consideration the obstructions inside which will not require covering.

What is used to measure a perimeter?

to measure the perimeter we need a figure with boundaries and all the sides with dimensions

What is the area of a 42 cm perimeter cube?

That depends how you define the perimeter for a cube. The term perimeter is usually used for plane figures, not for 3D solids.

Perimeter what measurement is used in perimeter?

well there is many different types mm, cm, m, km,

Can you use he formula for the perimeter of a rectangle to find the perimeter of any square?

Square is a special case of a rectangle and the same formula may be used to find the perimeter

When was area and perimeter first used?

in i bc

What is the Area and perimeter of Wisconsin?

The area of Wisconsin is 65,503 square miles. The perimeter of Wisconsin is 1379 miles. The length or width plus the area are used to determine the perimeter.

How is the use of perimeter used in everyday life?

When you want to build a fence around your house, you need to know the perimeter.

When do you use perimeter?

Perimeter is used when you want to find the length of the sides of an object. A practicle use for perimeter would be knowing how much fencing you need to enclose a certain amount of space, but the length of the fencing would be the perimeter.

What are the two formulas used in getting the perimeter of a square?

They are: 4*side or side+side+side+side = perimeter of a square

What is the difference between circumference and perimeter?

Circumference is only used for circles. Perimeter is for every other 2D shape.