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10/16 = 5/8 simplified

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Q: What is ten over sixteen simplified?
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Can sixteen over twentyseven be simplified?


Can 2 over ten be simplified?

yes it can be simplified to 1 over 2

Can sixteen over twenty-five be simplified?

16/25 can not be simplified. It is already i n its simplest form.

What is ten over sixteen as a decimal?


What is sixteen divided sixteen simplified?


What is 60 over 6 simplified?


What Is ten over nineteen simplified to?

10/19. It's already as simplified as it can be.

Can five over ten be simplified?

5/10 can be simplified to 1/2

What is 300 over 1000 simplified?

Three over ten.

What does ten over sixteen equal?

.600, or Five Eights.

What is 91 over 70 simplified?

It is: 91/70 = 13/10 simplified

What is ten over thirtysix simplified?

10/36 = 5/18