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ft2 or sq. ft.

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Q: What is the abbreviation of square foot?
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What is the Square foot abbreviation?

Sq ft is the abbreviation.

Abbreviation for square foot?

You can use either:sq ftft2

Abbreviate square foot?

The abbreviation for square foot/feet is sq. ft. It is sometimes also written as ft2.

What is the abbreviation for linear foot?

The abbreviation is ft. Abbreviation for Lineal Feet: Lft

Abbreviation for square centimeter?

An abbreviation for square centimeters is cm2.

What is an abbreviation for foot?


What does MM SF mean?

I think MM is an abbreviation for milometer and SF is an abbreviation for square foot. This is usually applied when looking for places to rent according to what I read.+++NB: Those examples are in Upper-case, and as such, with the meanings given, might apply in the USA.'Otherwise, mm in lower-case has only one meaning, as the standard, international abbreviation for the length unit, millimetre. (Not '~meter' as it is a French word!)'The UK abbreviation for 'square foot' is 'sq. ft.', in lower-case.

Is a foot the same as a square foot?

No, a foot is a unit of length equal to 12 inches, whereas a square foot is a unit of area equal to a square with sides of 1 foot in length. A square foot is the area of a square that measures one foot on each side.

What is ft?

It's the abbreviation of feet or foot used as a unit of measure.

How many foot in a square foot?

Ummm . . . there is 1 square foot in a square foot. The square foot could be any dimensions, like 1 foot by 1 foot, or half a foot by 2 feet, or a quarter of a foot by 4 feet . . . . .

What is the spanish abbreviation for 'sf' square feet?

The abbreviation is (sq. ft.) I do believe.

Abbreviation for 1 cubic foot?